Laramie Plains Lakes

The Laramie Plains Lakes are a collection of alkaline impoundments located 15 miles west of Laramie off of WY 230. These fertile waters support a fantastic amount of trout food and have the correct ph level to grow trout as fast as any where in the country. The main food sources for trout in these lakes are scuds, caddis, damselflies, dragonflies, callibaetis, and chironomids.

They fish best in early spring right after ice out through mid July and again in the fall. Late summer can cause water temps to climb into the mid 70’s making the fishing very difficult. Early morning and late evening are the best times to fish during this time of year escape the high water temps. If you fish the Laramie Plains Lakes expect to fish in the wind. The spring and the fall are the windiest seasons but it can blow in this part of Wyoming any day of the year. Don’t let the wind deter you, however, some of the best fishing can be during some of the worst weather. It is a good idea to bring your 7 wt. rod with you to help fight the blustery wind.

There are boat ramps at each lake allowing for larger motorized watercraft. It is a good idea to call or email Four Seasons Anglers prior to launching boats at these lakes because of the fluctuation in water levels. The drought has made it difficult at times to keep enough water in these reservoirs to easily launch a boat.


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Lake Hattie Information

Lake Hattie is the largest of the Laramie Plains Lakes at 1500-3000 surface acres depending on water levels. It contains rainbows, browns, lakers, Kokanee salmon, and perch. The browns and rainbows range from 12-30 inches with the occasional 5 to 10 pounder, and the lake trout average 5 to 15 pounds. There is camping and a couple of boat ramps at Lake Hattie. There are, however, no electric of water hookups at the campsites.

Twin Buttes Information

Twin Buttes is a 250-acre impoundment that contains rainbows and browns averaging 12 to 25+ inches. This reservoir offers the angler a great opportunity to catch a true trophy brown in the eight-pound range. Fishing at Twin Buttes is best in the fall when the browns are trying to spawn. Look for fish to be in the shallows with a gravely bottom. There are two boat ramps and overnight camping, but no hookups.

Galett Information

Galett is the smallest of the Laramie Plains Lakes, at only 34 surface acres. It has rainbow trout from 12 to 24 inches and grass carp. We have good carry over fish at Galett the past couple of winters thanks to efforts from the Wyoming Game & Fish aeration systems. This impoundment is an extremely shallow lake with great vegetation growth full of damsel nymphs and scuds.

Meeboer Information

Meeboer is a 119-acre reservoir that grows fish faster than any of the other plains lakes. Recent efforts by the Wyoming Game & Fish have allowed us carry over fish the past couple of years, which has greatly increased the rainbows average size. Prior to these efforts fish averaged 10-14 inches but now fish in the six to ten pound plus range have been more common.