Upper North Platte River Fishing Report

Fishing Conditions

The upper North Platte River is experiencing spring runoff. The river is currently falling due to unseasonably cold temps. Look for high muddy water to return as soon as it warms up.

North Platte River Hatch Chart 

Access Points

North Platte Flows

Upper North Platte North Gate current river flows
Upper North Platte above Seminoe Reservoir current river flows
Upper North Platte in Saratoga current river flows
North Platte River below Glendo Reservoir current river flows

Fly Patterns

Pat’s Rubber Legs
Thin Mint
Bead Head Rubber Leg Half Back
UV Leech
PS Leech
Hot Head Leech
BH Prince Nymph
BH Pheasant Tails
BH Half Back
BH Buggers
San Juan Worm
Double Bead Stones
Midge pattern


Articulated Goldie
Olive Burgin Bugger
Thin Mint
Hot Bead Thin Mint
Jigged Thin Mint
Beeotch Bugger
Egg Sucking Leech